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Aluminum rod automatic peeling machine with manipulator

Product features :

1、剥皮机用于挤压车间铝棒加热后在线剥皮作业、由机器人和主机两部分组成;主要是铝棒挤压加工前的氧化层、偏析及杂质去除,相对传统的车削剥皮能提高数倍加工效率; 2、托棒

  • Product details
1. The peeling machine is used for online peeling of aluminum rods after heating in the extrusion workshop. It is composed of robot and host machine. The main process is the removal of oxide layer, segregation and impurities before aluminum rod extruding, which can improve the processing efficiency several times compared with traditional turning and peeling.
2. The supporting rod device can move back and forth to ensure the neutrality when dialing the short rod. The trapezoidal guide rail is used to slide and the center is convenient to adjust to ensure the accuracy of peeling.
3. The unique design of the peeling knife ensures that the aluminum skin can be completely peeled off, the thickness is uniform, the waste skin peeled off and automatically rolled into a complete waste, the aluminum skin conveying system automatically collects, with high recovery rate; Thin skin is characterized by uniform thickness, smooth surface and high dimensional accuracy, thus reducing cost and improving yield of finished products.
4, the degree of automation: the aluminum rod furnace after the rod signal automatic recognition, the robot can automatically complete the rod in and out of the rod, the peeling machine to complete the peeling, pushing and waste skin collection and other actions, can also be manually operated.
5, the product is an automatic feeding, feeding equipped with a manipulator of automatic peeling machine, to ensure that the peeling after the aluminum bar is no longer subject to secondary pollution.

Aluminum rod automatic peeling machine with manipulator(图1)

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