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Aluminum profile automation equipment factory to remind you

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I believe that we should be familiar with this product for industrial aluminum profile! Industrial aluminum profile is a kind of material that will be selected in many industries now. It is very advantageous to use it to process machinery and other products. Because the industrial aluminum profile has the advantages of anti-corrosion, high beauty, no spraying, high surface finish, choose it as the raw material of the product can improve the added value of the product! In addition, the application range of industrial aluminum profile is also very wide, complete varieties, complete specifications, strong versatility, can be used in many fields. Just we must pay attention to the purchase of industrial aluminum profiles, so as to avoid the purchase of inferior aluminum profiles, so what specific aspects should be paid attention to? The following is by the aluminum profile automation equipment manufacturers to tell you!
A: very cheap do not choose
The explanation is as follows: cost of aluminum profile = spot price of aluminum ingot + processing cost of extruded aluminum profile + packaging material cost + freight.
These are all very transparent, the cost of the aluminum profile is about the same, significantly lower than the market price, one possibility: less weight per meter; Second: aluminum ingots using recycled scrap aluminum; Third: enlarge the material loss (not according to the actual number of meters sales).
Two: only understand the sales materials of suppliers do not choose
Explanation is as follows: prepare some goods, recruit a few wiring young lady, do wantonly on the Internet to promote can open. It's us buyers who tend to get hurt. Wiring miss mostly do not know how to use, only know the unit price. How to use to meet customer needs; How to make it cost-effective; That kind of connection is good in different sites; These are all things they can't answer accurately. Only know to recommend cheap profiles and cheap connection mode;
This kind of connection is low cost, but the cost of labor, is also a kind of connection of poor strength, the convenience of aluminum profile will not reflect, but will bring more trouble to the future transformation. But the wiring lady will push the main way.
Three: choose to produce - based aluminum profile suppliers
Explanation is as follows: to produce aluminium profile supplier, are engaged in this industry more than five years, myself, have rich practical experience, for the product quality and performance have good understanding and mastering, will recommend good cost performance products suitable for the requirement of the clients, it is convenient and useful to choose the accessories.
The above is Xiaobian for you to introduce the procurement of industrial aluminum profile process need to pay attention to some matters, I hope to be able to help you after reading! Now the industrial aluminum in the major market are more and more popular, so now there are a lot of bad businesses in the obstruction, so we must polish your eyes when choosing aluminum manufacturers, so as not to spend a lot of procurement funds to buy is inferior aluminum!