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Aluminum profiles should be cooled to a certain temperature

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Now the aluminum profile in the home industry has been more and more widely used, has been from the previous doors and Windows production, began to the whole house custom home development direction. All need to be made of wood doors and Windows, aluminum alloy can be used, can also be a synthetic aluminum and wood, can be made into push-pull type, jewels, can also be made into folding, colour and modelling, with wooden door luxury, stainless steel security door, such as generally no two, even the carve patterns or designs on woodwork, above can also be expressed by way of die casting. Aluminum alloy toilet door as to hardness and firmness are not inferior also.
Then aluminum profile in the process of drawing aluminum profile what matters needing attention?
1, stretching must be in the sliding door profile cooling to below 50 degrees can be moved to the stretching rack for stretching, high temperature that stretching will not only hot the human body, hot the top, but also because it can not completely eliminate the internal stress of aluminum alloy profile before and after aging to show twists and turns, twisting, poor function and other waste products.
2, tensile control at the mercy of 1%, and pay attention to the tensile amount is too high will occur in the head and tail scale error, the appearance of water stripes (fish scales) marks, low elongation, high hardness brittle (low plasticity). Too low tensile amount will make the profile compressive strength and hardness is low, and even aging (quenching) can not improve the hardness, profile easy curved curve (commonly known as the broadsword bend).
3, in order to control the tensile deformation and very good control of the whole profile of the scale change, to choose the appropriate special cushion and the appropriate way and method. In particular, the opening material, arc material, cantilever material, and tortuous shape of the profile should pay attention to the reasonable and useful use of tensile cushion.
4, pay attention to the width and thickness ratio of high, long wall, long arc, wall thickness disparity, strange shape of the profile of the small foot, thin teeth, long legs, arc surface, inclined plane, opening, point of view and other stress conditions, avoid the profile part or point scale deformation, twisting, spiral and other shortcomings.
5. Because the top has the effect of heat resistance, the aluminum profile with high decorative appearance demand must be turned more up and down before and after, so as to facilitate the uniform heat dissipation, reduce the transverse bright spot defects due to the uneven heat dissipation and different crystallinity, especially the large wide surface and thick aluminum profile.
6. In the process of material taking, moving and stretching, we shall not rub, pull, stack, jam and intertwine with each other, and a certain interval shall be reserved between each other. The easy to bend, the length of the aluminum alloy profile to timely disposal, when necessary to do the maintenance of each other.
Through the above finishing and explanation, I believe you have a general understanding of the attention points of aluminum profile stretching. Aluminum profile has been more and more widely used, if you have this need, you can contact us at any time. Zhongshan Jinzhuo Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Xingyuan Road, Pingdong Village, Sanxiang Town, Zhongshan City. It is a company specializing in R&D, design and production of aluminum profile automation equipment. The company has successfully developed a series of professional automation equipment for aluminum profiles, such as tailless automatic sawing table for aluminum profiles, online automatic peeling machine for aluminum profiles extruding hot rods, etc. Warmly welcome new and old customers and friends to visit, investigate and negotiate business.